News Archive 2016

Distribution of Sports outfits

Complimentary to the EU funded project „Assistance program for integration and voluntary return of RAE and other I/DPs residing in Konik area – Phase 2“, Help  with support of the NGO RAE Council of the Camp and colleagues from the REF and the Red Cross distributed on 28 December 2015 sports outfits for physical education classes for 156 pupils (Roma children) in Camp 1 in Konik/Podgorica.  

The Initiative for this event was supported by a group of volunteers from Leipzig (Germany), handball fans from this city who aremembers of the volunteer organization „Responsibility for refugees.“  This organization was founded with the goal to provide assistance to the Roma population in the Balkan countries. A 5 member team of volunteers from Leipzig participated in this event in Konik. They brought sports outfits for Roma children attending elementary school Bozidar Vukovic Podgoricanin in Konik, Podgorica. They also donated 400 EUR for another 37 pairs of sports shoes and 7 boxes of lego games for the kindergarten in Konik camp 1.  A similar event took already place in February 2015.

The aim of such actions is to abolish the notion of the Konik camps being a ghetto within this community.

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