News Archive 2016

Community Activities: Firefighting equipment for the elementary school Bozidar Vukovic Podgoricanin

Within the EU/Government of Montenegro funded project „Assistance program for integration and voluntary return of RAE and other I/DPs residing in Konik area – Phase II“, Help office in Podgorica  provided funds for renovation of firefighting equipment in the elementary school Bozidar Vukovic Podgoricanin in Konik.

The request for such action Help Office received from the Ngo RAE Council of the Camp, active in the refugee camps in Konik. Together with the Local Community Unit from Konik and School management, this Ngo initiated action for renovation of firefighting equipment.

This and similar actions are organized in order to bring all residents of the Konik settlement together.The aim of such activities is to abolish the notion of the Konik camps being a ghetto within this community.

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