News Archive 2015

The Minister for Human and Minority Rights and Head of Help Montenegro sign Agreement on Cooperation

The Agreement defines further steps in cooperation between the signatories in the area of development of human rights and freedoms, by affirming the Constitution of Montenegro and legal provisions defining prohibition of all types of discrimination, with special focus on the vulnerable groups of population in our society. The agreement also refers to cooperation in the area of improvement of minority rights and freedoms, as well as gender equality.

Having in mind the importance and contribution for the issues of common interest, it was decided to activate dialogue between the Ministry and Help, since there are many common areas interest in improvement and protection of human rights in which both parties are very much involved and have established cooperation.

Equality of all citizens and protection of their human  rights is neccesary for peace, sustainable democracy, stability and economic growth of the society.

The agreement foresees establisment of appropriate coordination mechanisms in coopera

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