News Archive 2015

Portait of the artistic Craft Workshop DORRA for Roma Women

The workshop started operating in September 2013 as part of the income generating component of the project „Support of integration and voluntary return of RAE and other I/DPs living in Konik area“, financed by the EU and was brought to life byHelp-HilfezurSelbsthilfee.V.

After almost two years of existence, DORRA has been expanding in terms of workforce and amount of sold-products. In total, up to eight young girls aged between 16 and 29 years old work almost every day at the workshop, mostly making jewelries out of materials that they themselves choose to command. Other crafts are also practiced, for instance sewing.

More than 4000 thousand euros revenue have been generated since establishing DORRA. The products are being sold at different craft-fairs in Montenegrin malls, mostly in Podgorica.

A one-month-long course in jewelries-and-sewing craft had been provided before opening the workshop for the first participants. The new-comers have been taught by the ones who already had gained experience.

The prices of the jewelries go up to a maximum of twenty euros, half of the price being attributed to the women who made the jewelry, the rest being used to buy new materials and extract savings.

Now an NGO, the goal of DORRA is to become a social enterprise after the Montenegrin legal framework will be to recognize DORRA as a socialenterprise, a goal which is helped along by other NGOs and enterprises to strive forward.