News Archive 2015

RAE Children’s first Visit to the Central Police Station in Podgorica

A series of five visits of the Central Police Station organized for RAE children from the Konik area started on Tuesday, 27th May 2015. It follows an initiative of the Ministry of Interior in coordination with Help-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V, the Red Cross Montenegro and thirteen other local organizations in the framework of the Program of Support to the RAE population of the Center for Security of Podgorica.

The objective is twofold. First the children can see that the Police are working on their side through a discussion with friendly policemen and women. Second they get to know how they can reach the Police and that the Police only intervene in serious cases, notably in one case which could concern them> domestic violence.

All visits include transportation of ten children of primary school of whom half of them are girls to the Police station in police vehicles. All children get to see different places in the police station and are provided with juice and sweets as well as with drawing materials.