News Archive 2015

DORRA Jewelry Sale Stand in Herceg Novi and Kotor

The Roma women from DORRA workshop in Herceg Novi have opened sales stands in Herceg Novi and Kotor. A sale for unique jewelry by DORRA, which was developed within the project “Increasing employability of Roma women in Herceg Novi”, is located in an attractive location on the Herceg Novi promenade.

The sales stands have been established by the local NGO Mladi Romi with the assistance of Help and financial support from the German Embassy in Podgorica.

Help continues its intensive support of Roma women to start their own businesses. These activities were started in Konik (Podgorica), and then, based on the positive experiences from Podgorica, expanded to Herceg Novi. The local partner Mladi Romi has provided space for the workshop while supplies and jewelry making tools were provided by Help through a project funded by the German Foreign Ministry.

The Deputy German Ambassador in Podgorica, Uwe Meerkötter, and the Director of Help Montenegro, Klaus Mock, visited the sales stands on 18 August 2015.

Based on the approval of the Municipality of Kotor and the Municipality of Herceg Novi the sales stands were placed in attractive tourist sites in the Old City of Kotor and on the plateau of Danica Tomašević’s staircase in Herceg Novi. The sale stands will be available until the end of the tourist season in September. All income from sales will be used to purchase new materials and maintain the sustainability of the workshop DORRA Nuova in Herceg Novi.