News Archive 2015

Community Activities: Slowing down for Speed Bumps

Within the EU/Government of Montenegro funded project “Assistance program for integration and voluntary return of RAE and other IDPs residing in Konik area – Phase II”, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. together with the Local Community Unit in Konik and LSG Service on Wednesday, 02.12.2015. installed two speed  bumps on Spanskih boraca public street, in Vrela ribnicka, Konik.

The Speed Bumps were placed in two most frequent locations: next to Djina Vrbica kindergarten and before the entrance into Konik camp 1.

Based on a request made by the NGO RAE Council of the camp, this activity is implemented for safety reasons, aiming to prevent reckless driving and accidents. The aim of such actions is to abolish the notion of the Konik camps being a ghetto within this community