News 2023

Vocational training with work and a path to employment

EDEX is one of the successful private companies from the poorer north of Montenegro that is constantly expanding. Help’s employment program with on-the-job training is welcome for the EDEX to find the necessary workforce. One of the users of this program is Amra Beganović.

Following the needs of the market in all areas, with program “Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Western Balkans” – project financed by the German Government through the “professional training of the unemployed” program implemented by Help, we are helping socially sensitive categories of the population, especially young people and women in the less developed north of Montenegro, to getting employment.

Help has been applying this model for years, which connects the unemployed and employers – and which includes a six-month on-the-job training with employers, during which Help also provides financial compensation to beneficiaries. Upon completion of the training, those employers who retain or employ trained workers for at least one more year also receive an incentive in valuable equipment.

The focus of this regional project of the German government was on activities in all countries of the Western Balkans, creating new jobs through the establishment of new businesses and providing support to existing ones affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Support is provided to socially vulnerable groups: women, youth, persons with special needs, prisoners and local communities, through economic empowerment that includes building personal and professional skills.