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Ukrainian children enjoyed the beauty of the north of Montenegro and socializing


Ukrainian children, refugees who found safety from the war in Montenegro, visited Bjelasica, the Durmitor Ring, and Biogradska Gora last week, during a three-day trip.

Jovana Đuričković, the tour leader from Help, said that the children enjoyed socializing and being in nature.

On the first day, we went to the 1600 ski resort, where we rode horses, took the cable car to the top, and enjoyed the silence. The children found it very interesting to ride the tubing track at the ski resort. On the second day, we visited the Biogradska Gora National Park and walked through the primeval forest around the lake. It was interesting that it started raining, but because of the dense forest, ‘not a drop reached us.’ On the third day, we visited the Durmitor National Park. We visited the visitor center, where the children could see all the animals that live in the park. After that, we took a walk to the Black Lake. The children used their free time at the lake to run, jump, and play pantomime. Laughter echoed. The girls took the opportunity at the ethno-village in Durmitor to pick bouquets of wildflowers from the meadow. They were very grateful to Help and its partners for organizing the excursion and said that they enjoyed the natural beauty of Montenegro and especially enjoyed socializing”

The mothers accompanying the children brought Ukrainian and Montenegrin flags on the trip.

Help, in collaboration with the Ukrainian volunteer organization “Dobro djelo” and with the financial support of the network of German organizations for disaster relief, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, strives to facilitate the stay of Ukrainian refugees in Montenegro, especially children whose childhood was abruptly interrupted by the war over a year ago due to the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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